5 Myths About Home Delivery

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Delivery myths are not nearly as exciting as the ones we see in movies, but they are almost as persistent. Sadly, by falling for them, you could be doing your business a great disservice, especially at a time when more and more people are shopping online and relying on same-day, or next-day deliveries.


Of all the falsehoods associated with the delivery industry, there are 5 that are surprisingly hard to shake.


1. It’s too expensive
If delivering a package to your customer is an infrequent occurrence, then doing it yourself, or having an employee do it occasionally is not a huge problem. If on the other hand, you have multiple deliveries to either a single or varied locations, then the situation becomes considerably more complicated. You may need to divert resources from another area to cope with your delivery need, or you may have to hire dedicated employees just for deliveries. This could get very expensive and complicated. Delivery companies have the infrastructure to provide reliable, tailored delivery services and know the best delivery routes. Plus, you could negotiate a fixed rate that ends up saving you money in the long run.

2. Couriers don’t care
A few bad apples shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the whole barrel. Yes, some thoughtless individuals may show little care when doing their jobs, but it’s important to distinguish between standard mail and courier service. No delivery company would succeed if they simply accepted sub-par service from their delivery drivers. A good delivery service stakes its reputation on how well it does the job. In many cases, the delivery driver is the face of the company to the public at large. That face must be one of courtesy, friendliness, and diligence. We recognize that while this is the goal, it is not always the case. As a delivery company, we take courier negligence very seriously. It is always addressed and redressed. Our reputation is built on doing a good job, it’s non-negotiable.

3. I can use the postal service
There is still an outdated notion held by some, that the postal service can handle last-mile delivery. This is entirely false. Canada Post recognizes the need to outsource parcel distribution to final mile delivery partners like us. The postal service is bound by standard package dimensions, scheduled delivery routes, and restricted delivery times. Home delivery services are generally, less restricted. We can deliver almost anywhere, including drop boxes, parcel lockers, and even car trunks. There is also the notion that people are content to wait for their packages. With the recent pandemic, this is quickly becoming a relic of the past. In fact, a recent online survey states that 56 percent of online shoppers expect same-day delivery. The postal service is not simply not geared for that.

Growing Demands For More Efficient Delivery 

5Source: Canada Post


4. Large courier companies are best
While it is true that larger companies such as FedEx and UPS can deliver almost anywhere across the globe, with the sophisticated infrastructure required to do so, it is also true that they are bound by rules that make it more difficult for them to easily pivot to meet the needs of the customer. Smaller companies are more nimble and can offer flexible options. The ability to work with a final mile home delivery service provider that can tailor their services to meet the needs of the customer is essential to meeting increased customer shipping expectations.


5. All home delivery services are the same
Many business owners have the belief that all home delivery services are more or less the same. That is simply not true. While it may be true that they all promise security, parcel tracking, and fast delivery, they don’t all have the same fleet options, coverage, reverse logistics services, or cross-platform technology. We do. We can take your products farther by utilizing our warehouse exchange points located across the country. With such an expanded network, the customer's need for swift delivery is easily fulfilled.


Having taken a closer look at some of the misconceptions about home delivery, hopefully, you have an increased appreciation of the benefits offered by home delivery service providers. If you would like more information on how we can help your business, please connect with a member of our onboarding team today.

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