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With many Canadians now either fully or partially vaccinated, things are finally starting to look up. Businesses are reopening and "normal" recognizable things are slowly creeping back into our daily lives...just in time to support Independent Retailer Month. 


Let’s face it, the global pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on small businesses. Many of the colourful small shops that help make each neighborhood so unique are in danger of closing their doors forever. We can’t let that happen.  


It’s time to shop locally and enjoy the great products offered by indie retailers. In doing so, we’re not only helping to keep businesses alive but enabling them to provide much-needed jobs for entry and re-entry level positions. 


While we focus on our local merchants, one of the lasting consumer habits resulting from the pandemic that they will need to consider is a newfound reliance on online shopping, and just as we did at the height of the pandemic, we remain here to help Independent Retailers reach out to customers who prefer to get their items delivered to their doorsteps. 


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If your small business has never considered offering online shopping, now is the perfect time to make the transition, and the government is stepping in to offer some much-needed assistance


A few months ago we offered some tips on how to make the transition to E-Commerce. It seems a good time to make that information available again, and as always, we are here to help by offering solutions tailored to your particular needs as you decide to take the leap. 


Taking the next step

So how difficult is it for a business to “go online”?  


The mechanics for moving your business online are fairly straightforward, and although it’s tempting to dive right in, a more measured approach is definitely recommended. Some things to consider include: 


  1. Strategy: A focused approach to growing market share among an audience that may be vastly different from your traditional footfall traffic  

  2. Research: Careful research to inform that strategy so you can determine the E-Commerce model that best suits your business needs 

  3. Budget: Any way you look at it, an investment will be required to migrate your commerce to E-Commerce. This will help establish your initial costs and your carrying costs to grow online

Following is an example of the typical costs that an E-Commerce business may encounter according to SIMFORM:

  1. Define your brand so that your company stands out

    • Determine your goals 
    • Decide what makes you unique 
    • Build your narrative 
    • Establish your personality 
  2. Develop a website
    • Secure a domain
    • Create a User Experience (UX) that is easy to navigate and catered to your traffic 
    • Back-End Integration to easily manage product inventory and shipping options 
    • E-Commerce Platform enablement 
    • Shipping Partner selection 
  3. Secure a payment platform that is safe and easy to use

  4. Move your accounting operations online (easier to manage if everything is in one place)
  5. Promote and Advertise by connecting with your customers and driving business to your site:
    • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) 
    • Digital Advertising in the form of banner ads, sponsored ads on Google, etc. 
    • Neighbourhood apps (Nextdoor)  
    • Email 
  6. Use Analytic Tools for better decision making and SEO optimization
  7. Find a reliable shipping/home delivery service to get your goods to your customers (we can help you with this by tailoring a plan that best meets your business needs, as well as provide you with warehousing services if necessary) 

Once you’ve taken the steps necessary to move your business online, just follow the KIS principle, "keep it simple". Don’t try to make your website too complicated or change too much too soon. Try to stay on top of new tools and trends, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Remember, Canadians are great at adapting and finding innovative ways to overcome challenges. We’re here to do our part to help you succeed. 


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