How to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

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Rebecca Christoforidis

Home is not only where the heart is, it’s also where we keep all our stuff


The word “home” is capable of evoking strong emotions in most of us. It calls to mind nostalgic feelings of childhood, of safety and security. It’s the one place we can shut out the world and truly be ourselves.

We go to great expense to make our home comfortable and appealing. We digitize, modernize and stock up with valuable gadgets and trinkets—but do we do enough to make it safe?


Despite all of the measures we take to improve our homes, there are numerous things we do that inadvertently can make our home a prime target for burglars. Take a moment to examine the list below and ask yourself if you - like many other Canadian homeowners, have made it too easy for thieves to compromise the safety of your home.



Source: SGI Canada


10 ways you are making your home an easy target

Exterior Breacheshome-security-breaches

  1. Overgrown shrubs and multiple trees may offer privacy from nosy neighbours but they also provide great hiding places for burglars and good coverage for porch pirates to help themselves to your packages. Don’t let your landscaping be your downfall, trim the hedges and remove the large trees that can turn your home into a soft target.
  2. Visible garbage cans with piles of garbage indicate that you may not be at home. Similarly, uncollected mail or an overflowing mailbox are key signs that your place is open for (theft) business. Empty your garbage cans and get someone to clear your mailbox if you will be away from home for an extended period.
  3. Most of us would love to have our yards back onto an open green space, but without a fence, it serves as a great escape route. If the creek or forest is an extension of your backyard, you will need to be extra vigilant or put up a fence to guard this point of entry.
  4. Shoveling snow on a cold winter morning is…not fun. But that “unshoveled” snow might act as a calling card, letting a thief know that are not at home. If you are away from home and not just procrastinating, it’s probably a good idea to hire a service to deal with periodic snow removal in your absence.
  5. Longer, uncut grass on your lawn is a signal that you may be on vacation and can act as a welcome sign for thieves as well. If you are going to be away for a prolonged period, the investment in a lawn care service to mow frequently will be well worth it.

Interior Breaches

  1. Lack of a security system is a great boon to a would-be burglar. If you can, have one installed with a clearly visible sign or sticker indicating that the home is protected.
  2. Doors and windows that are left open can be an invitation to “come in and help yourself”. If you’re not at home, make certain to close and secure all entry points, especially those that allow for easy access.
  3. A doggy door is great for Spot, but it’s also an easy way for a (particularly flexible) burglar to get into your home. Consider installing a pet door with a locking mechanism that responds to a sensor on your dog’s collar, or an Electronic Smartdoor.

Routines and behaviors

  1. Letting everyone you talk to, either in person or on social media know about your upcoming trip to Cancun, is also not a good idea. The grocery clerk most likely won’t rob you, but the person standing in line behind you very well might. It’s best to keep your vacation plans under wraps and share pictures only after the fact, following your return home.
  2. Most burglars scout their targets before they pounce. Your daily routine becomes familiar to them. They know when you’re at home and when you’re at work. Try mixing things up a bit. Leave later and come home earlier. Try working from home a few times each week.

Simple, inexpensive steps to a more protected home

There are many things we can, and should do to keep our homes protected. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.


A home security system, while often costly, is probably the best option for protecting your home, especially a system that provides constant surveillance. If that is not viable, there still are other measures you can take. Some of them are so simple you can do them today.


  • Protect your WIFI with a strong password to help keep your information safe
  • Get a safe to store your valuables instead of leaving them in plain sight and creating an appealing target for a would-be burglar
  • Lock your doors and windows even if you’re only going out for a short time
  • Keep your garage doors locked when not in use
  • Use easy-to-install motion-sensing lights to deter unwanted trespassers
  • Don’t leave pricey children’s toys scattered in your front yard, thieves see those as reflections of the valuable stuff that might be hiding inside
  • Join or start a neigbourhood watch program
  • Get a Smartlock, especially if you’re prone to forgetting to lock your doors
  • Never open your door to random strangers, many burglars get access to homes by simply ringing the doorbell
  • Protect your deadbolt with a deadbolt protection device

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the victim of a burglar. The goal is to make our homes hard targets, so thieves will avoid them and finder easier targets. By utilizing some of the tips offered here, we hope that your home remains a burglar-free haven.


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