”Aye, thar be Porch Pirates, Matey!”

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Rebecca Christoforidis

They may not wear eye patches or accessorize with parrots, but pirates are still doing brisk business. Instead of plundering hapless ships, they now climb your stairs and help themselves to any packages left on your doorstep. In short, they steal your stuff when no one’s looking.


The safe and secure delivery of packages is our lifeblood. We're invested in doing all we can to help keep you informed and on your guard.


There’s been a huge uptick in e-commerce since the start of the pandemic. In fact, with most retailers closed, delivery is now the only option to get some necessities and most luxuries. Positively a bonanza for enterprising porch pirates—and one more thing for the over-burdened consumer to worry about.  


What, me worry?

You should. The statistics around porch piracy are truly shocking. One in four adult Canadians have had a package stolen in their lifetime. In 2020, the dollar value of packages stolen totaled $784 million. That’s a lot of doubloons.

infographic-Porch-pirate-1 (1)


Who are the victims?

Younger shoppers, those classified as millennials and generation Z are the most frequent victims of porch pirates. Of course, they are also the largest segment of online shoppers, so the correlation makes sense. But don’t think that you’re exempt simply because you don’t belong to the main demographic. Your annual personal income could also make you a target. Those earning between $100k-$120k made up 31% of all victims.

Foiling the pirates

Can you avoid becoming a victim of porch pirates? While you may not be able to completely stop their nefarious activities, there are steps you can take to ensure that you’re not their next hapless target. Forward-thinking is key to finding ways to foil the thieves. Fortunately, enterprising companies have seen the need and offered some unique solutions. Below are a just a few of the options available.


Boxlock Smart Lock
A smart padlock that you can place on a storage container to help keep your package secure. The delivery driver uses the scanning feature of the lock to scan your package to confirm its authenticity. It will confirm that the package is addressed to you and scheduled for delivery that day. Once confirmed, the lock will open, allowing the driver to place the package in the secure container and close the padlock.


Amazon Hub Locker
A secure, self-service kiosk where you can pick up your package at a your convenience. It also allows you to easily return packages to Amazon.

Video Doorbell Camera
These are widely available through multiple sources. While a video doorbell will allow you to monitor your door in real time, you will need a pay a monthly fee in order to access older footage.

Package Guard
A round device that acts like a virtual security guard. The delivery driver places the package directly on the device and if someone attempts to remove it, a loud siren will be activated causing any would-be porch pirate to think twice. You will receive notification via the package guard app and can deactivate the alarm remotely. 

In addition to the technological tools available, below are some common-sense precautions we can all take to avoid package theft.


infographic-Porch-pirate-3 (1)

We will never be completely free from the reach of thieves and scammers, but we don’t need to make it easy for them to rob us. They count on our ignorance of their methods and our misguided notion that it can’t possibly happen to us. And while not all of us are inclined to be as creative as the man in Portland who left the pirates a doggy surprise, we can still be vigilant and proactive so that we don’t become another statistic.

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