Your Favourite Beer Delivered Right to your Door

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“Covid Health tip: If you hold a can of beer in both hands, you can't touch your face.”- Anonymous


Mavericks have always led the way in the march to the future. Their ingenuity has resulted in many of the things we now take for granted. Many of the innovations that have come about in the wake of the global pandemic can be directly attributed to the ingenuity of people willing to see potential where others see peril.


As a company whose DNA is wired to see potential, we’re pleased to partner with Molson Coors on the Ship & Sip home delivery program, a new service that will deliver your favourite beer directly to your front door. Just place your order online at their Ship & Sip website before 12 pm to ensure next-day delivery.

Beer Delivery: The evolution of E-Commerce

Even before the onslaught of the global pandemic, there was a significant uptick in e-commerce. The convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of our homes has an appeal that will remain long after COVID-19.


During this time it has become the de facto way for many of us to purchase not only necessities, but luxuries as well. As a collective behaviour, online shopping has gained tremendous momentum, and by all indications, it’s here to stay.

Source: Statistics Canada


The mavericks at Molson Coors have seen the future of food and beverage and have embraced the possibilities, and we’ve come alongside to help make the dream a reality by bringing the beer.


The Sip & Ship delivery service will first be available in Toronto, and then in a few weeks, expanded to include the regions of Oakville, Burlington, and Milton.


After a winter that seemed longer than most, we’re all anxiously awaiting the promise of summer. While we may not be able to resume normal life just yet, we can still enjoy the foods of summer, and what better way to do that than with a nice, cold beer, delivered right to your door.


So, grab that pizza, kottu roti, jerk chicken, bulgogi, or mezédhes and "We'll Bring the Beer", while you bask in the summer sun—but don’t forget that sunblock!

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