Safe and Secure Home Delivery during COVID-19

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Nationwide, and in fact across the world — particularly in highly populated urban centres, we are in a unique period of uncertainty.


Walls are being built all around us: travel restrictions, business closures, sports league cancellations, social restrictions, even the ability to congregate in a place of worship. Each of these areas, impacted by the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic in one way or another.


Certainly, for the average Canadian asked on January 1st what the likelihood would be that their government would limit their freedom to go to a restaurant and dine with their family, the reaction would be, “What, are you crazy? Never!” This, however is the new reality we are living in.


Amidst all of this, packages still need to be delivered. More customers, now at home working, are relying on home delivery to give them some degree of certainty that they’ll be alright through this period. Your customer can no longer rely on being able to simply walk into their drugstore to find a ready supply of essentials.


As a result, they are turning online. According to Doug Stephens, author of the book "Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World", coronavirus "will be like adding jet fuel to an already exploding segment of retail." With this, the critical importance of e-commerce readiness and in particular e-commerce delivery, comes under the spotlight.

COVID 19 CommitteeLimiting the Risk

As a leading home delivery provider, getting goods from the warehouse, distribution centre or sortation centre, to the homes and businesses of your customer is our specialty. We have been preparing for the fallout from COVID-19 since January and are pleased to share a few of the precautionary measures being taken by our teams to limit COVID-19 transmission every day.


The following risk mitigation and business continuity measures have been put in place to strengthen our service levels during this period:


A. COVID-19 Health and Safety Sub-Committee
Committee members were selected from each of our operations locations to ensure a comprehensive COVID-19 response. Each were tasked with identifying considerations and procedures to be put in place to limit the risk of spread in the workplace and service area.

B. Staff Screening Processes
Any employee returning from travel out of the country has been placed in 14-day self-isolation at home. For those whose job function requires them to come in to work every day, prior to facility entry to receive their work assignment detail, they are subject to screening for fever with a touch-free thermometer. In the event of a positive test, the associate is directed to complete a detailed questionnaire to determine the appropriate risk mitigation tactic(s) to be taken, including 14-day work exemption/self-isolation period.

C. Revised Delivery Protocols
A vehicle disinfection process has been put into place, requiring driver associates to use supplied sanitizing materials to clean their vehicle interiors at the beginning and end of their shifts. Handheld routing devices are disinfected at the beginning and end of each shift as well. In addition, the parcel “leave-behind” delivery option is actively being promoted to minimize contact between our driver and your customer.

D. Information Dissemination
New COVID-19 specific notice boards have been added to each operation location with information ranging from government advisories to hand-cleaning procedures. Employee communications have also been bolstered on designated hand-held devices, and mobile phones as well as our internal time tracking systems.

As this period of change continues, home delivery is increasingly becoming an essential part of our daily lives. Our processes will continue to adapt as we bring your e-commerce home without disruption. We encourage your feedback and suggestions, including any safety hacks that you have incorporated in your home or business.


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