Four Components to Retail E-commerce Success

Edward Sattaur  |  March 14, 2019

When we were kids in grade school, the marketplace for moving goods was established. I had hockey cards, my friends Maurice, Mitch, and Savita had cards too. We were at school everyday at 8:22am when the bus dropped us off, giving us 18 minutes to spare before entering the halls of learning.

We were our own, self-sufficient distribution network. We’d meet under the canopy in front of the kindergarten class and form a familiar circular huddle to show our cards in a simple, but thrilling manner.


Clutching our precious wares in one hand, we’d fan them out like a dealer in a casino looking to build anticipation. “Oh, what’s that he’s got under there? Wait, is that the Lindros All-Star I need?” or, “Hmm, seen all those before, let me check what Savita’s got”. This would happen routinely every Monday, after the paper route collections were settled or when my father returned from an out of town business trip with 3 or 4 packs of rare cards from the States.


We had all the ingredients for a successful marketplace at hand, seemingly without making much conscious effort to do so. The result was a thrilling and rewarding experience that made the transfer of goods seamless and reliable. As a merchant, getting your customer excited about your retail ecommerce solutions should be a priority. Sound like something currently on your “To Do” list? - pay special attention.



1. Easy Matching

We knew our cards, we reviewed them every waking minute of the weekend before anxiously arriving at school. When Savita cycled through her cards, it triggered a rapid-fire succession of responses. The race was on,






“Got’em. Got’em. Got’em. Got’em. Need’em!” Instantly, at the sight of a different background or player pose, a new card to add to the collection would jump out at you. The only question was whether you “Want ‘em” – and for how much.


How easy is it for your customer to browse through, compare, and seek advice using your retail ecommerce solutions? Is it intuitive, offering quick turnaround and a simplified shipping process? If it isn’t simple and straightforward for customers to get to “Want ‘em” after a few seconds, they’re gone. 



2. Pricing Control

If someone had a card you needed to complete a set or a special rare all-star card, the standard “one for one” card swPricingControl_EcommBap wasn’t enough to close the deal. Mitch would always try to pry a goalie card or checklist card from your collection if he caught the slightest whiff of high interest in a card he had. Compared to your competition, your pricing should be accommodating, low enough in some areas and justifiably higher in others. Offer purchase thresholds with corresponding discounts based on the total purchase value. Reward repeat purchasers with redeemable loyalty points or acknowledge sharing actions by throwing in a free giveaway. Incorporating this within your retail ecommerce solutions is the clincher. Your customer lives online now more than ever and as such, in order to engage them online, your pricing should not appear to be rigid, taking the thrill out of the shopping experience.





3. Mobile First Approach

When it came to our little card exchange routine our mobile device was the stack of cards in our hand. Swipe right = Got ‘em, swipe left = Need ‘em. Simple, effective and mobile. The moment Ms. Secord announced “line up” to enter school, the process simply sped up. We would gMobileFirst_EcommAet quick, immediate rewards for acting fast, in hand, mobile.


This is what the best retail ecommerce solutions offer. When I order my protein one day and receive it the next, my likelihood of a repeat purchase increases significantly. Gone are the days of waiting to get home to the computer to do business. Today it is done in waiting rooms, bus stops and school line ups. A mobile first approach, one that prioritizes design for the mobile device, is essential to capturing and captivating your market.



4. Instant Gratification

In keeping with the Mobile First approach, is the concept of Instant Gratification. After winning the “in line” bidding war for the Roberto Luongo rookie card and settling on which all-star card Mitch needed to seal the deal, you got that card right away. Instantly, proceeding to examine the statistics on the back while in line, tracing the action pose in class, and covering it in a protective sleeve at recess – all within the course of learning within a 1 ½ hour period.InstantGratification_Ecommerce


You should be rewarding your customers in a similar manner. Working with a final mile delivery partner that has the bandwidth and experience turning over same day and next day delivery, immediately elevates your business – generating moments of exhilaration when the purchase shows up at the door. This is what they expect, and this is what will keep them in the fold.


Selecting the right, flexible delivery partner is key to expanding your service to cover these four key components of thriving retail ecommerce solutions. We have worked with the biggest Canadian retailers in the space since 2015 and are ready to discuss how you can capitalize on the increase in online trust and safety that is resulting in greater volume than we’ve ever seen before.