Protecting Your Home Against Burglary

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For those who've been paying close attention, it's high time for vehicle theft in the GTA, with the past 30 days showing a year-over-year increase of almost 50%. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including supply-chain-related parts shortage, but at the heart of it lies consumers caught with their defenses down.


Our friends at take a closer look at a few areas to consider to help deter and apprehend culprits on or around your home. 

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Key Elements to Consider

There are a number of ways we can arm ourselves with important preventative measures to avoid becoming a victim. Here are a few of the more effective ones.


Home Alarms

The home alarm is the main panel that your system runs off and will include sensors for all the main doors to your home. Most companies will offer the option of multiple alarm panels so that you can enter through the garage door or the main door without having to make a mad dash across the house to turn the alarm off.

One of the best burglary prevention tips is good lighting in any area that might be vulnerable to a break-in. Outdoor security systems will typically include floodlights as a standard component, but it’s worth considering having them inside your home.

Cameras are a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to robbery prevention. The sight of cameras highly deters would-be thieves, and if that doesn’t stop them in their tracks, you’ll have all the evidence you need after the fact to hopefully identify them. Approximately half of all burglaries in the US happen during the day when you’re more likely to be away from home, so having recorded evidence is important in solving a crime.

Window Sensors
Window sensors are not standard for every window in your home or even with a home security system. Often, they’re only put on ground floor windows or windows that are in out-of-the-way places, like on the side or back of your house. They are an extra cost, but a very worthwhile one, even if you only have a couple in well-chosen places.

Smart Security/Technology
Wireless security systems are increasingly popular. They can incorporate several elements easily — for example; we talked earlier about the importance of lighting. If you don’t love the idea of a floodlight installed in your living room (understandably), you can use smart bulbs in your existing lights and connect them to your home security system to turn on if the alarm is triggered. The same goes for exterior lights, although it’s more common to have a floodlight or motion-activated light in your yard.

Consider a safe if you have valuables or weapons that you must securely store. Safes range in price from quite reasonable for something like you’d find in a hotel room — suitable for storing passports and important documents — to built-in wall and floor safes that are very costly. If you’re thinking about this option, bring it up with the security companies you’re considering and see their options and recommendations.

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Extra Tips

Get to know your neighborhood! Even if you’re an introvert who cringes at the thought of neighbourly chit-chat, your neighbours are excellent sources of community safety information. Many break-ins will go unreported to police or insurance because people don’t want to pay their deductible and risk their insurance going up. Still, they will absolutely tell their neighbours.

The FBI Crime Data Explorer is an excellent tool for staying informed on crime in your state and area. You can choose your state and then filter by the law enforcement agency that covers your area and by year. If you’re thinking about moving, this is a great way to get an idea of the safety of a new neighborhood.


Options are available for everyone’s budget. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you wish you had taken extra measures sooner, so get out there and find a solution that protects your home.


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