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Posted by Edward Sattaur on July 12, 2022

Home Delivery Driver Safety Considerations

Warm breeze and the rhythmic chirping of birds seeking their mate combines with the steady whirring sound of wind passing through my helmet.  

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Posted by Go Logistics on June 28, 2022

Canada Day 2022 - Canadian Heritage Quiz

This year we take a moment to celebrate Canada. A place made up of many cultures and traditions. A place healing from a pandemic and learning from the past to be better for the future. A place where independent voice and beliefs aren’t merely tolerated, but ...

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Posted by Isabella Caprario on June 7, 2022

Protecting Your Home Against Burglary

For those who've been paying close attention, it's high time for vehicle theft in the GTA, with the past 30 days showing a year-over-year

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Posted by Edward Sattaur on April 14, 2022

Fleet Management Key Considerations

Managing fleet can be a challenge. Between a short supply of microchips, price increases at the pump, idle vehicles awaiting dedicated routes and constantly changing vehicle requirements from the client, it can be a bit of a Lego construction experience — with sets ...

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Posted by Edward Sattaur on February 18, 2022

Black History: A tale of Bromley Armstrong

Black History in Canada has been made up of many brave and embattled protagonists. Here is my connection to one of them, Bromley Armstrong  (Feb 9, 1926–Aug 17, ...

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